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WHAT IS RUSTLEGACY.EU? is one of the largest information sites about the game Rust Legacy, you can find everything from Hosting to downloading game files, servers and mods.

  • All files are from our own archive without dangerous code.
  • All clients include online player counting code so we can always see how many people are in the game and display it here on the site.
  • We use the API to get data about all the servers in the world.

We have the largest archive of Rust Legacy versions that you can download now in the Download section. Thanks to our anticheat BAC 6.9, you can now host your own server without unnecessary cheaters. If you are interested in the game more in depth, you can look at the Wiki section, where everything is written.

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Server Hosting

We offer server hosting for Rust Legacy, the servers are protected by Anticheat BAC 6.9

Client Modding

We will create a game client for you according to your request

Anticheat BAC 6.9

We will lend you our high-quality Boost Anticheat 6.9, which blocks 99% of cheats

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Online Clients on our game client.

Online players in the game all over the world.

Satisfied customers with our services.

Online servers hosted by us.

⬇️ Serverlist ⬇️

Server Name IP Players Status
EVIL RUST 4/100 Online - Vanilla 4/100 Online
Unnamed Server 2/100 Online
Single Player 2/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/50 Online
COMPLITAS 0/100 Online
FreeDom 0/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online
Rust BRASIL 0/100 Online
Kareem cvc / devs 0/100 Online
Fun Server TR 0/100 Online
Rust Legacy CZ 2015 0/100 Online
Server DEMONLAND 0/100 Online
Bobsu 0/100 Online
Testinghostserver 0/100 Online
noker 0/100 Online
pruebas 0/100 Online - Battlefield 0/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online
RadRaid - 1X No Mod Airdrop Per 2 Hour Vanilla 0/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online
Rust Legacy4ever pure vanilla 0/100 Online
CumRust X5 clans, kits WIPE 0/100 Online
RevivedRust 0/100 Online - Arena 0/100 Online
ROME_CLASSIC 0/20 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online
Unnamed Server 0/100 Online

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